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The Importance of Conveyancing

The ever-increasing supply and demand of real estate across Queensland means that there is more restrictions on buying and selling than ever before. This means that the ‘standard contract’ with any purchase or sale of a property has more technicalities which can compromise the security of the sale. When a transaction falls over, this can cost buyers and sellers thousands of dollars.

You’ll Also Get to Meet Henri

While our conveyancing team will take much of the hassle and stress out of your situation, Sir Henri is on hand to assist further. Henri is the most popular member of our team, a friend to clients and their children and a welcome companion to alleviate those stressful moments. As a rescue dog, he knows how important having a home is and is in our office to calm you.


We are experienced in all sorts of conveyancing matters. If you are interested in start-to-finish conveyancing, you will be eligible for some of our highly competitive, discount bundles.

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    Our clients have peace of mind knowing that we are the only conveyancing firm to offer you the guarantee that we will deliver on time, every time or our service is free.

  • Qualified & Experienced Solicitors

    Our firm has been actively engaged in the real estate market for over 30 years, assisting clients with the buying and selling of their properties.

  • Over 47,000 Satisfied Buyers and Sellers

    We have helped over 47,000 buyers and sellers over the past 30 years, enabling a smooth and speedy transaction, as well as avoiding unnecessary complication.

Our Video Guide to Conveyancing

Conveyancing is an area of law with many annoying terms that can often trick sellers and buyers. The purpose behind our videos is to explain to current and prospective clients how conveyancing works. We can eliminate some of the jargon by taking a simple approach.

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