Logan’s New Zoning Laws

With Logan firmly set on improving infrastructure and development, can we be surprised that a multi-million dollar resort is coming our way? The newly approved resort project includes a five-star hotel and convention centre.

This will perfectly compliment the City of Logan’s rich history, allowing newcomers and tourists from afar to appreciate the strong foundation on which it was built.

What Does This Mean for Locals?

Many critics have argued that the new project will create “havoc” on the roads and problems for Logan’s new zoning laws. While the council has started building infrastructure to reduce congestion, this still leaves the issue of the new and proposed zoning laws.

While the project anticipates 600 new jobs and expects to add more than $50 million to the local economy, the only way this can happen is with the introduction of new laws that enable commercial zoning.

Major changes are likely to include zoning and density restrictions, while minor changes will set limits on street parking.

What Are Logan’s New Zoning Laws?

Zoning is a term that refers to various types of regulations the either permit or prevent certain types of activities taking place on land. This includes how the land should be used, ie. residential, agricultural or industrial.

With regard to residential zoning, people should consider density. Density determines what type of residential homes you can have on the land. A low-density housing permit will support a single family, whereas a high-density housing permit is required for high-rise apartment buildings.

Conveyancing and Logan’s New Zoning Laws

What might look like a good price for a house with a nice view could look very different six months later. With the onset of new developments and inflow of commercial activity, the need for conveyancing is more important than ever. Before buying property, purchasers should have regard to zoning laws and new regulations in Logan and surrounding areas.

Our team at MCL Conveyancing has operated in Logan for over 30 years, we understand the importance of council zoning and its implication for buyers. If you would like to learn more, or are thinking of buying Logan, get in touch with our conveyancing team.