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Lauren Babare, Testimonial

Dear Mr McLaughlin,

I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity of work experience inn your firm. I honestly believe that without this introduction to the practical side of law I would not have been successful in gaining future employment.

Before coming to your firm, I had never worked in a legal practice and had no practical legal skills. I found that just being part of the environment was very valuable experience and seeing first hand the day-to-day running of a firm helped to put my law degree into perspective.

The work experience you provided allowed me to experience the inner workings of a law firm ‘from the ground up’ and gave me an appreciation of all work aspects in a law firm. I feel that this has helped me form relationships at my current firm with both Professional and Administration staff.

Although I was not running my own files or dealing with clients one-on-one I did find that general conversation with other practitioners at your firm provided an insight to the types of situations I could hope to experience as well as the advice that they gave me.

The work experience allowed me to actually confirm that I was following the right career path and that at least initially, working in practice practice is where I wanted to be.

Thank you again for allowing me this opportunity.


Kind Regards,

Lauren Babare